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Fishing Lake First Nation

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REALEAF - Kylemore - Fishing Lake First Nation
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Fishing Lake First Nation

Fishing Lake First Nation is a First Nation of the Saulteaux branch of the Ojibwe nation. Fishing Lake First Nation are Anishinabek people. The band can trace their origins to central Canada, and were pushed westward to avoid encroachment by European settlers.

The home reserve, situated in Treaty 4 territory southeast of Wadena, Saskatchewan, offers a range of facilities and services to its community. These include an Administration Complex, Chief Sabitawasis School, a memorial hall, wellness lodge, Chamkun Health Centre, and a water treatment plant. Notably, the reserve has implemented hunting and fishing programs to ensure Elders have access to traditional food sources, even if they are unable to hunt themselves. In addition, a dedicated youth group has been established to provide young people with positive activities, fostering leadership skills and creating valuable role models for the community.

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