Enjoy this thirst quenching and refreshing THC Infused Grape Drink for a relaxing elevated experience.  This formula makes 1 L of juice.  These deliciously infused crystals are a treat for those hot summer days or for whenever you want to treat yourself. Just fill up a glass with some ice cubs and pour the infused Grape Drink over top, then settle in for an enjoyable euphoric experience. When taking cannabis edibles or beverages they are ingested through the digestive track, which means that you will have a delayed response and not feel its effects right away, however this will increase over time. The effects of drinking this THC infused juice start in the body and creates a sedative feeling.  The longevity of the high depends on each persons average consumption and metabolism. By being able to self medicate with this drink it is best to start low and go slow.  It is suggested to drink a quarter of a cup to start off then wait 30-45 minutes before consuming more.

  • Contains 150 mg THC.
  • Great for discrete medicating.