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  • Cannabis Edibles Information

    START LOW, GO SLOW! Many are familiar with the immediate psychoactive outcomes linked to smoking cannabis, yet the delayed onset and prolonged duration of effects tied to consuming edible cannabis might not be as well understood. Edible cannabis starts by interacting with the stomach, then passes through the liver before [...]

  • What is Cannabis?

    What is Cannabis? Cannabis, often referred to by various names such as weed, marijuana, hash, pot, ganja, bud, etc., is a plant known for its psychoactive properties. It produces dried flowers, fruiting tops, or leaves from the cannabis sativa or indica plants, as well as hybrid combinations of the two. [...]

  • What are Terpenes?

    In addition to commonly known cannabis terms such as cannabinoids, indica, and sativa, you may have recently come across a less frequently used term: terpenes. These are yet another group of compounds found in cannabis. But what exactly are terpenes, and how important is it to understand their types and [...]

  • What is Rick Simpson Oil? (RSO)

    What is Rick Simpson Oil? RSO? RSO is a full spectrum extract of the cannabis plant. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a concentrated full spectrum extract of the cannabis plant with a thick, tar-like appearance. Its dense consistency and typically dark brown or black color give it a strong and [...]

Practice Safe Cannabis Use

At REALEAF, we take pride in ensuring the safety of our customers. Our mission is to provide comprehensive cannabis health information and education. We empower you with knowledge, enabling you to make informed decisions about cannabis use.

Your well-being is our priority, and we’re here to guide you through the world of cannabis, ensuring you have the tools and understanding needed for a safe and positive experience.